Developing cleaner energy infrastructure

We design, build and operate small to medium sized Advanced Thermal Conversion (ATC) plants using commercially proven pyrolysis and gasification technology.

Capable of processing over 250 waste types, our technology is one of the most versatile waste solutions of its kind. With 20 years of operating experience, our precision-controlled process optimises the extraction of energy from waste, providing a reliable source of low-carbon energy for local residencies and industries whilst diverting waste from landfill.

Our mission – Realising a Circular Economy

At Indivus, our principal focus is to maximise potential for a circular economy by reclaiming value from waste. Instead of landfilling and exporting, we believe waste should be dealt with directly and locally.

Our plants are designed as a long term solution for difficult waste streams, providing municipalities with a local, low-carbon disposal option. Electricity and heat are supplied back to the local energy network, offsetting the requirement for energy derived from fossil fuels.

Our treatment system thermally degrades material in a carefully controlled environment, using pyrolysis and gasification stages to react waste into a stable form. Valuable resources like metals are readily recoverable from the process, as well as ash which is of use to various industries.

Decades of Operational Excellence

  • Indivus are a select team of engineers, project developers and thermal plant operators with many decades of combined experience in the fields of pyrolysis and gasification.

  • Indivus currently operates a clinical and hazardous waste processing facility in Avonmouth which has successfully trialled a vast range of difficult waste types.

  • Decades of continuous research and development have contributed to our modular plant design, which can be configured to match local demands for energy use and waste disposal.

Supporting the delivery of a Net Zero NHS

Our facility in Avonmouth, designated by the Cabinet Office as a “Critical Services Supplier” through the COVID-19 pandemic, has been directly servicing six local hospitals by processing all hazardous and offensive waste.

In directly working on a local/regional basis, we have reduced what were previously long, ‘carbon intensive’ transport routes to other more distant national plants.

The plant recovers valuable by-products and generates energy from these non-recyclable, difficult wastes in an environmentally conscious manner.

Since it began operating commercially 24/7, 365 days a year, the plant has proven itself as the Gold Standard in the treatment of wastes; with a UK Environment Agency inspector describing it’s “measured emissions levels” as being “the lowest encountered in 12 years of regulating thermal waste processes”.