Advanced Thermal Conversion expertise

With over 20 years of operating experience, our commercially proven technology has been recognised as constituting the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) for the thermal treatment of waste.

Our practical experience with pyrolysis, gasification and thermal oxidation processes has derived one of the most efficient thermal waste solutions in the industry. Our modular design enables multiple waste streams to be processed simultaneously whilst recovering energy and valuable resources.

The Indivus Process


The success of the technology is principally due to the separation of three distinct thermo-chemical processes, facilitating optimum conditions at each stage of waste valorisation.

We developed an advanced control system to maximise energy extraction from waste while minimising emissions. The direct extraction of high quality syngas can enable high-temperature industrial applications such as cement manufacture and metallurgy. This self-sustaining process harnesses the energy within the waste it processes to operate, without the need for external fuels.

Built for Purpose

The modular design of our technology allows us to build facilities to various sizes and specifications, depending on local energy and waste disposal needs. Our Avonmouth demonstrator plant was constructed and commissioned within 9 months, an unprecedented feat in the industry.

Our plants can process a range of feedstocks simultaneously through separate “streams”. Wastes with high calorific value can provide the energy to process more inert materials, enabling specialist applications such as contaminated soil remediation.

Unlocking Value

  • Diversion from landfill for a broad range of wastes

  • Value recovery through reclamation of usable materials

  • Highly efficient energy recovery through CHP technology

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions as compared with incinerators

  • Carbon capture through utilisation of ash and biochar

  • Suitable for high temperature applications through syngas extraction